About the Gospel & the Preacher

The Gospel and the Preacher is a powerful three-month bible school focusing on the central message of Christianity—the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In an age where the Gospel is assumed more than it is taught, the time has come for a generation of Christians to rise up on the foundation of biblical doctrine with the fire of the Holy Spirit and proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost humanity.


Like many in this generation you may have certain questions burning inside of you; “How certain is my standing with God?”, “What is the will of God for my life?”, “Am I capable of doing anything significant in my world?”, “How can I bear fruit that will remain?” or “Where is the power of God in my generation?”. If you’ve wrestled with these questions or you just simply want to know, “What is the Gospel message?”, then The Gospel and The Preacher Bible School is for you!

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