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Les Bowling, President & Founder

Les Bowling is the founder of Eagle Rock Ministries (Columbus, Ohio), originating president of Gospel and the Preacher Bible College, and overseer of Eagle Rock Covenant Network. In addition, he serves as an evangelist, a Bible College instructor, a short-term missionary, a leadership conference speaker, and a frequent keynote speaker for evangelistic revival meetings.

Eagle Rock Church is a life giving local church, being continually equipped and empowered to serve her community, and the world. Pastor Bowling has a genuine father’s heart committed to generational transfer of Godly wisdom and skills, for building up the body of Christ for the work of the ministry.

In establishing the vision and work of the Gospel and the Preacher Bible College, Pastor Bowling has dedicated himself to teaching the unvarnished truth of the gospel message, to equipping “everyday disciples” with key truths and the power to proclaim them!

As the overseer of Eagle Rock Covenant Network, he provides mentorship, accountability, and covering for the point people of churches and para-church organizations. Pastor Bowling is known across America for his vision to teach and impart cross-centered, biblical principles, enabling leaders to effectively guide the body of Christ in the 21st century.

Ps. Troy Marshall, Guest Instructor

As an author and ordained minister, Troy Marshall has traveled to 62 nations of the world. Troy is a conference speaker, missionary, bible teacher and church consultant. He has helped raise up bible schools and churches on four continents. His insightful and practical teachings have blessed tens of thousands of people throughout the world.

Most recently, Troy has co-founded Global Relief International, a humanitarian organization that provides food and aid to children in developing nations. Currently, GRI is serving over 10,000 meals per month in five countries.

In 2003, Troy launched The Apex Group, a non-profit consulting. In 2003, Troy launched The Apex Group, a non-profit consulting firm dedicated to helping church and business leaders realize their vision. The Apex Group has become one of the premier organizations for church growth on the West Coast.

In 2011, Troy and Annwen founded Lionsgate Leadership and Missions Institute to train church and cultural leaders on their role and opportunity to embody the Gospel in everyday life and their field of endeavor. Lionsgate Leadership & Missions Institute is a one year Bible School for the purpose of training marketplace and remote area missionaries.

Troy Marshall has a desire to see present truth established and see a new generation of leaders and missionaries raised up in the nations of the world.

Troy resides in Irvine, California with his wife, Annwen, and daughters, Ariella, Amina, and Reagan.

Ps. Mary Alice Isleib, Guest Instructor

Ps. Mary Alice Isleib is the Founder of Mary Alice Ministries and Executive Director of Christian Outreach International. She is an internationally sought after conference speaker and featured teacher. As a gifted, ordained minister with pastoral experience, she reaches out to nations and churches with life-changing compassion, boldness, and prayer. From her base in Florida, she takes a message of prayer, missions and personal wholeness to God’s people worldwide.

Dr. Naomi Dowdy, Guest Instructor

Dr. Naomi Dowdy is the Resident Apostle and former Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre in Singapore. She is widely recognized as a global leader for apostolic strategies in the 21st Century. She conducts leadership training and church consultation, which includes empowering pastors and leaders across the five continents in fulfilling the Great Commission. Her apostolic ministry also involves the mentoring and raising of strategic women leaders in key ministry positions globally. As Founder-President of Global Leadership Network, she travels extensively to speak into the lives of pastors worldwide, causing them to arise to their calling and destiny.

David Cannistraci, Guest Instructor

Dr. David Cannistraci is the Senior Pastor of GateWay City Church in California where he has worked with Dr. Emanuele Cannistraci in the oversight of the growing congregation and its family of churches and ministries since 1979. He travels nationally and internationally as a conference speaker, prophetic minister, and an exciting voice to the body of Christ. David is the president of IMPACT! School of Ministry which is raising up leaders for the new millennium. His consuming passion is to pastor, prepare, and plant harvesters around the globe.

Terence W. Stovell, Guest Instructor

Terence W. Stovell is the founding pastor of the Better Covenant Christian fellowship. He is a graduate of the World Harvest Bible College (now Valor Christian College) Columbus, Ohio.

He held his first Better Covenant Christian Fellowship on July 7th, 1996. He sits on the Apostolic Council Board of Eagle Rock Covenant Network in Pickerington, Ohio, and serves in various capacities within his local community.

He has ministered throughout the United States, Africa and the Philippines.

One of Pastor Stovell's favorite quotes, which sums up his approach to life is, “Life is ten percent of what happens to you, ninety percent is how you respond.” His goal is to encourage people to be delivered from perspectives and paradigms that paralyze them from real progress and growth; to develop in their thinking process because “As a man thinks in his heart so he is”; and then to be deployed to take their place in the world and be an asset wherever life may take them - using their God given abilities to help better the life of others.

David Collins, Guest Instructor

David Collins has been in full-time ministry since 1983. He has pioneered and pastored two churches: Abundant Life Church in Maysville, Kentucky, and Church On The Move, in Wellston, Ohio. A fervent servant of the Lord in prayer, bible study and in preaching the Word, David longs to see the body of Christ go to a higher level of intimacy, and a deeper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thomas Muthee, Guest Instructor

Bishop Thomas Muthee – the Pioneer of Word of Faith Church brings with him tremendous wealth of experience, wisdom and anointing. The church he started in 1989 commonly known as “Prayer Cave” has birthed about 600 hundred churches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and recently Gisenyi, Rwanda. Word of Faith Church featured prominently in the first Transformation Video by George Otis Jr. Since then, this apostolic work has been quoted in many books and other publications. In 1995, Thomas founded Word of Faith Bible College. The college offers certificate, diploma and a Bachelors Degree in Practical Ministry.