Satellite Students

Working as a group.


GP Satellite Option

As a senior pastor or leader of a small group/congregation, we want to empower you and your congregation with the transforming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We now offer leaders the opportunity to facilitate the GP class curriculum in your local church.

How does GP Satellite work?

As a facilitator for a GP course, you will receive 12 DVDs of gospel theology and preaching training sessions. The facilitator is responsible to conduct weekly classes with the enrolled students in your congregation or group. The class will gather to watch the DVDs and receive teaching and instruction in a class setting with all of the expectations and requirements of a GP onsite student. This works well for a mid-week service or an off-night service for those enrolled.

What can I expect as a GP Satellite facilitator?

  • Weekly DVDs uploaded to your account for class viewing or have them sent by mail
  • Administrative responsibilities such as reporting student attendance and tardies
  • Collecting and submitting student homework to GP staff for grading weekly
  • Direct assistance available weekly from a GP group advisor
  • Enforce all GP student guidelines and requirements throughout the 12 week course
  • Administer final exam and student preaching requirement

What are the requirements for facilitating satellite courses?

  • A place to gather students to establish a classroom setting
  • Personal computer or DVD player with monitor
  • High-speed internet
  • E-mail address
  • Scanner

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Submit an application online. See the GP Satellite Application. Once your group has registered, the students in your group must enroll individually online.