Grading Policy


Completion of Assignment (50 points possible):

Does your writing include all required sections listed in the instructions?

Points Description
50 The required assignment is fully addressed.
49 - 30 The required assignment is mostly addressed.
29 - 1 The required assignment is partially addressed.
0 The required assignment is not addressed.

Content/Development (50 points possible):

Do you fully satisfy the chosen topic/assignment with numerous details and examples?

Points Description
50 - 45 Content is developed with clear analytical evidence and explanation in support of the assignment.
44 - 40 Content is developed and supports the assignment.
39 - 35 Content is not developed well, but the topic is discussed.
34 - 0 Content lacks explanations and evidence; and/or topic is not discussed.

Late Written Assignments

  • One week late, 50% of score.
  • After week late, 0% of score.

Reading/Prayer Assignments

  • Honor System (Yes, I did it—100%; No, I did not—0%).
  • Must be completed on time.
  • No partial credit given for incomplete reading/prayer.

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