Online Students

Working at your own pace.


About GP Online

Welcome to GP Online! As God is placing a burning desire to learn and teach the gospel throughout the world, we have provided an online learning environment that brings The Gospel & The Preacher to you in your home. Whether you are in full-time ministry or a new believer in Jesus Christ, the gospel message is the power you need. Come and join us for a 12 week powerful course that will transform your life and your ministry!

Why Choose GP Online?

Gospel-centered teaching – The gospel message is the central message of Chrisitanity and we want you to be empowered and equipped with the message that transforms. Allow the redemptive message of the gospel of Christ return to center of your preaching, teaching, and Christianity.

Flexible learning format – For many it’s the ideal way to learn. Work, family, and other obligations can make it difficult to attend class on an established schedule. Online learning allows students to fit the course work into their life while maintaining an organized learning environment. Online students can study whenever, wherever, and at whatever place works best for them.

Strong support network – As a GP Online student, you can enjoy a strong support system including academic advisors who will provide you weekly guidance and feedback.

How does GP Online work?

Entire course package that includes:
  1. Register for class
  2. Receive a username and login for an account
  3. Receive class introduction and instructions from an academic advisor
  4. Logon and view weekly videos
  5. Upload and submit assignments to your advisor weekly through your GP account
  6. Receive weekly grading and feedback on your assignments from your advisor

What can I expect with GP Online?

  • Weekly videos uploaded to your account for your viewing every Monday
  • Instruction in gospel doctrine and gospel/redemptive preaching development
  • Practical ministry assignments will be issued including papers, preaching outlines, and a 5 minute gospel sermon requirement
  • Assignments will be due by Sunday of every week
  • A community and discussion forum with online students
  • Strong impartation of both Word and Spirit

What are the requirements for taking online courses?

A personal computer, High speed internet access, Microsoft Word, & an email address

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Submit an application online. See the GP Student Application. Once you have registered, you can begin enrolling in online courses.