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The Gospel and the Preacher Bible School

The Gospel and the Preacher has been developing and equipping saints and in operation around the world since 2006. It is a powerful three-month bible school focusing on the central message of Christianity—the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In an age where the Gospel is assumed more than it is taught, the time has come for a generation of Christians to rise up on the foundation of biblical doctrine with the fire of the Holy Spirit and proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost humanity.

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Our Learning Environments


The Gospel and the Preacher Bible School gives onsite students the opportunity to personally experience the power of the gospel message as they hear it. Attending the school onsite will enable the students to develop personal relationships with the faculty and other students, and engage in meaningful conversation pertaining to the lessons and their application.


The Gospel and the Preacher online classes are for those students who cannot attend on site classes due to living too far away or schedule conflicts. GP online students will receive the same powerful training as their counterparts who are taking the classes onsite, but with the flexibility of being able to fit the course work into their personal schedules.


The Gospel and the Preacher satellite school program is for churches/ministries who would like to take a group of students through the classes. The content of the classes is the same as that of the on-site classes.If you are a senior pastor of a church or ministry interested in participating in the satellite school option of The Gospel and the Preacher, you can now enroll a group from your church.