Is The Gospel and the Preacher for me?

Is the Gospel and the Preacher for me?

The Gospel and the Preacher Bible School will produce life-changing results beginning with you. Have you ever struggled at times with self-condemnation or uncertainty regarding your salvation?

Or perhaps, so far, you’ve had a fulfilling walk with the Lord, faithfully serving in church or even involved at length in ministry. Can The Gospel and The Preacher benefit you and your ministry? David Gifford, Youth and Associate Pastor at End Time Harvest Tabernacle in Moorehead, Kentucky, shares his Gospel and The Preacher experience. “This course helped me to define and articulate the message of the glorious Gospel with clarity and precision.” He encourages those already serving in ministry, “Being a minster at End Time Harvest it gave me the ability to weave the Gospel into anything that I was speaking on. Today the material I learned while in the course serves as the back drop for every message that I preach.”

Senior Pastors, have you ever faced the frustration of leading those who come to the altar in the sinner’s prayer, but not see true fruit of righteousness remain? Have you encountered what seemed like endless counseling sessions with individuals who may never have truly had a born-again experience? Just as the great 19th century revivalist Charles Finney set out to preach to the harvest field that was inside the church, the reality is that there is an abundant harvest of lost souls within our church walls as well as without. Guest minister Bishop Thomas Muthee of Word of Faith Church in Kiambu, Kenya shared this riveting truth with GP students. “The Gospel is not taught in our generation. It is assumed.” The Gospel and The Preacher will help you to understand the inherent power in truth of the Gospel message and the work of the Holy Spirit in the process of the conversion of a soul.

Toni Schwenn, a GP graduate and instructor, shares her insight. “No matter what I am reading and/or studying in my bible, I continually see redemption in the subject. Every aspect of God’s Word—every story, every character, every lesson, every issue—carries the redemptive plan of God. Therefore, I have come to realize that every opportunity for ministry must incorporate some aspect of the redemptive message of the gospel for it to be truly effective.”

Toni has this encouragement for those wanting considering enrollment. “To overcome any anxiety that you may have about “going back to school”, I would emphasize the fact that the school is set up for your success. As long as you show up for class, do the homework, and put in the effort, you cannot fail. Yes, it will be challenging for you, but it is not so much of a challenge that you won’t pass. The goal of the class is to get the understanding of the gospel message into your heart and mind. The GP team wants you to succeed and we want you to ‘get it’, and we will do everything we can to help you do that.”