Admission Requirements

What to do before enrolling

The Gospel and the Preacher welcomes all who want to enroll and does not require students to have a high school diploma. Before you apply,

  • Please read over the Student Guidelines thoroughly. The Student Guideline is designed to help you help to answer many questions that you may have regarding the course. It also outlines the policies for every student which includes attendance, tardiness, homework, and other participation requirements. Part of your Application process requires your signature stating that you have read, that you understand, and that you agree to comply with the information explained in the Student Guidelines.
  • If you agree with the with the Student Guidelines, please proceed in applying by registering and paying a non-refundable fee of $150. Once you have agreed to the terms in the Student Guidelines, completed and application with along with the application fee by the deadline, you will be considered an active student.

What do I need for the classes

The main and only text that will be required for this class is the bible which every student should bring to each class. In addition to the bible, you will need a dedicated notebook or a laptop where you can take notes for studying.

Who is my advisor

This course is set up for your success. The Gospel and the Preacher Bible School team wants you to succeed and will help you to do just that. Our goal is to get you to understand the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The only way to not pass this class is to not fulfill the requirements outlined in the Student Guidelines—i.e., attendance, tardiness, homework, etc. Once you have enrolled, an advisor will be assigned to you in order to help encourage, answer questions, guide students.